COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool

This tool will help teachers and staff self-screen for COVID-19 every morning before entering the school campus!

SchoolMed (COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool)

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Together, We Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19 With Our Self-Screen Tool!

As your district’s healthcare partner, we are providing a COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool for your staff. This technology is valued at a $100,000 investment, but as partners in preventing the spread of COVID-19 together, there is no cost to the district, families/students, or staff to use this tool.

Teachers and staff are required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming onto campus each day and may consider screening students for COVID-19 as well.

The Benefits of the COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool

Teachers and staff are REQUIRED to pre-screen themselves in the morning before heading to school, and districts may consider screening students (OPTIONAL) as well!

Healthy Students/Staff

Through our self-screening tool, families and staff will be notified if they should stay home based on their symptoms/activity.

Tracking COVID-19

This tool will help keep an accurate count for those students and staff with COVID-19 related symptoms. This tool will also help identify other students and staff who may have been exposed to a student with symptoms.

Complete in Under a Minute

Filling out the COVID-19 self-screening questionnaire only takes less than a minute to complete to help ensure that the students and staff attending school are healthy.

Real Time District Data

When your families and staff complete the self-screening tool, the data is securely provided to you in your districts HIPAA compliant Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to enable you as district leaders to make decisions about school operations effectively and efficiently to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

Our self-screening tool is aligned with the guidance from the TEA “Practices to Prevent the Virus from Entering the School”.

See what the guidance says below

At-Home Telemedicine Visits

Students and staff with symptoms/activity related to COVID-19 will be emailed an automated message requiring them to stay home, as well as a direct link to sign up for the SchoolMed program (if they aren’t already registered) and to virtually speak to one of our board-certified pediatric providers.

Here’s What the TEA “Practices to Prevent the Virus from Entering the School” Guidance Says:

“School systems must require teachers and staff to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming onto campus each day and may consider screening students for COVID-19 as well.The self-screening should include teachers and staff taking their own temperature.

 Teachers and staff must report to the school system if they themselves have COVID-19 symptoms or are labconfirmed with COVID-19, and, if so, they must remain off campus until they meet the criteria for re-entry as noted below. Additionally, they must report to the school system if they have had close contact with an individual who is lab-confirmed with COVID-19, as defined at the end of this document, and, if so, must remain off campus until the 14-day incubation period has passed.”

To read the full TEA School Year 2020–2021 Public Health Planning Guidance, Click Here!

Health Criteria to Return to School

Confirmed COVID-19 case individuals may return to school when the following criteria have been met:

Fever Reduction

At least 3 days have passed since fully recovering (fever returning back to normal without the use of fever-reducing medication)

Improvement of Symptoms

The student/staff member has improvement in their symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath, etc.)

Wait 10 Days

At least 10 days have passed since the symptoms first appeared

Possible Cases on Campus

Separate Possible Cases

Schools must immediately separate any student who shows COVID-19 symptoms while at school until the student can be picked up by a parent or guardian. Staff must immediately leave the campus.

Clean Up

After a possible case has been identified on campus, schools should clean the areas the individual has used as soon as possible.

Immediate Temperature Check

Students/staff experience feeling feverish should immediately have their temperature taken to determine if they are symptomatic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this required for all students and staff?

The COVID-19 Self-Screening tool is REQUIRED for all teachers and staff. For students, the self-screening tool is optional, depending on the district.

Families/staff who don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, but have been in contact with a confirmed case?

Students and staff who have had close contact with an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 should stay at home for a 14-day isolation period and are not allowed on the school campus. After the isolation period has been completed, a self-screening will be conducted. If the individual did not have any symptoms during the isolation, they are allowed back on campus. If they did experience symptoms, they must stay at home until the 3 health criteria have been met.

What about families/staff who may have symptoms but haven’t been tested?

Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms who have not been evaluated by a medical professional or have not been tested for COVID-19 are assumed to have COVID-19 and may not return to school until they have met the 3 health criteria listed above.

What about families/staff who have symptoms but want to return to school?

Students/staff with possible COVID-19 symptoms and want to return to school before completing the 3 health criteria, they must either:

  • (a) obtain a medical professional’s note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis or
  • (b) receive two separate confirmations at least 24-hours apart that they are free of COVID-19 via acute infections tests at an approved COVID-19 testing location.

Can students/staff come to school even if they fail the self-screening?

Schools are permitted to prohibit students and staff who fail the self-screening from entering the campus or a bus.