Return to Sports & Activities Program

Virtual Care for Families (VCFF) is already delivering rapid COVID-19 antigen testing to over 1,000 schools across Texas to return to sports and activities safely! We are prioritizing tests on a first come first serve basis.

Comprehensive Game-Winning Plan

Return to Sports & Activities Program Introduction!

This video outlines the Return to Sports & Activities Program and how school district athletic trainers and coaches will be able to participate in rapid COVID-19 antigen testing of their athletes to ensure their safety!

We will provide districts with the proper supplies as well as virtual training and ongoing support for the participating athletic trainers and coaches!

Let’s get your students back to playing sports and having activities safely!


Happy Parents

When your athletes are sick or injured, it can be difficult to quickly access a doctor. This service provides on-demand access to high quality pediatric care.

Test Frequency

Daily COVID-19 self-screening with a weekly test (recommended 2 days before a game scheduled with an opponent)

Test Accuracy

The rapid COVID-19 antigen test has a 96%+ accuracy.


Virtual Care for Families Will Provide the School District with:

  • A district COVID-19 protocol that aligns with TEA & CDC guidelines.
  • Virtual training for athletic trainers and/or school nurses on how to collect and conduct rapid COVID-19 antigen testing.
  • Rapid flu and strep tests, as well as over the counter medications such as fever reducers for your school health room.
  • All supplies, including technology devices to successfully implement telehealth in a schoolroom.

Register Here!

2020–21 Return to Sports & Athletics Registration Forms

Find your school district and click the registration button (available in English and Spanish) to sign up yourself or your student in just minutes!

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We accept all insurance!

We accept Medicaid, and most insurance plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and more! Uninsured families that qualify under the CARES Act will receive FREE COVID-19 screening and testing.

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